Public cloud infrastructure evaluation services

  • Evaluation of computing functions

  • Storage function evaluation

  • Network function evaluation

  • Operating system evaluation

  • Database application evaluation

  • Cloud service providers on the standard service report

  • Web hosting

  • In memory analytics

  • Graph analytics

  • E-commerce

  • Media streaming

  • Big Data Analysis

SLA management and optimization services

  • Distributed monitoring network

  • Virtual machine monitoring services

  • Storage monitoring services

  • Network monitoring services

  • Business reachability monitoring

  • Client service access performance warning management

  • Service map discovery

  • Application performance load

  • Crash analysis of App

  • Slow transactions

  • Application data analysis

  • 01Automated performance testing

    One-click access to baseline performance data for infrastructure, one-way and comprehensive benchmarking tools covering industry best practices

  • 05Data visualization

    Record and analyze the performance of the data throughout the life cycle of the business flow to provide multi-dimensional performance monitoring data visual display for the operation and maintenance personnel to quickly locate the performance bottleneck provides a strong basis

  • 02Distributed

    distributed monitoring node network, internal to meet the multi-data center, multi-resource pool monitoring, external cloud services to meet the distributed monitoring.

  • 06Performance bottleneck accurate positioning

    Performance bottlenecks can not only locate the specific link to the business flow, but also in-depth depth tracking code stack, which greatly facilitates the key code for developers to investigate and precise positioning

  • 03Stereoscopic

    Stereo full stack monitoring, covering data center resource pools, physical and virtual servers, containers, middleware, cloud services

  • 07lightweight overhead

    CloudInsight using a lightweight active monitoring program to ensure complete and reliable monitoring data at the same time not to bring too much overhead for the system.

  • 04Multidimensional

    Multidimensional granularity of analysis, including basic performance, fault alerts, business response and throughput, as well as large data optimization and prediction on this basis.

  • 08Transparent monitoring, simple deployment

    CloudInsight also implements application-level transparent monitoring. The monitored application requires only minimal changes to the start-up mode. The application itself is zero-aware and zero-coupled to the CloudInsight, thus greatly simplifying the installation and deployment.

Cloud products are mainly applicable to what customers?
  • Government and enterprise customers

    Help government and enterprise customers digital transformation, providing cloud migration before the test evaluation, cloud migration in design consulting, migration monitoring optimization "one-stop service"

  • Cloud Consulting

    Customers provide third-party, continuous public cloud measurement data that customers use to conduct market research

  • Industry cloud customers

    for business customers cloud business needs, given the exclusive evaluation model for private cloud construction of pre-selection, construction of the latter part of the assessment and optimization recommendations

Evaluation and Optimization of Competitive Bidding for Cloud Services

Generalized Performance Model of Weighted Public Cloud Based on Z Standardization

Application Performance Management

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