• Object storage

    provides seamless access to objects using a REST interface that’s compatible with applications written for S3 and Swift

  • Block storage

    provides access to block device images that are stripped and replicated across the entire storage cluster

  • File System

    provides a POSIX-compliant network file system that aims for high performance, large data storage, and maximum compatibility with legacy applications.

  • 01

    Strong reliable

    It can guarantee the reliability of both saved data and newly added data, which means that while the saved data can be safely stored, the process of writing new data can also be made sure, so no data loss will happen.

  • 02

    Highly automated

    It can provide a variety of data auto-manage functions, such as auto backup, auto balanced, auto fault supervision, and auto recovery, which can guarantee the strong reliability of the storage system, but also keep a relative easy level when it comes to maintenance, even if it expands to a larger scale.

  • 03

    Highly expansible

    It can be easily expanded in terms of scale and storage volume, and the access bandwidth will also in a liner scaling level with the increasing of system nodes. Also, the function can be easily expanded by abundant API.

How to monitor the cloud storage system?
You can use commands to obtain the status information of the storage system, and there is also a management platform providing supervision and management functions directly. The status of the nodes and processes, the usage of the network and disk, and other detail status information can be exhibited in the management platform to help clients get updated information and diagnosis.
Can data be migrated smoothly when the devices are replaced?
Certainly yes, without interrupting service, a certain amount of servers can be replaced. And after the replacement of servers, the data will be auto balanced among servers.
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