Elastic Computing

You can invoke the resources nearby; providing elastically computing and storing resource function


Quick Deployment

You can make quick deployment via the virtualization


Safe and Reliable

All-round protection to your data supported by China Telcom's cloud resource, high-level network and disaster recovery


Low Maintenance Cost

Lower your IT fixed cost and management invesment

  • Flexible Configuration; Rich models

    Providing various services of computing, storage and network. You can config flexibly by needs, providing different operating systems to satisfy your special demand.

  • Quick deployment; Elastical Expantion

    Mass genarate cloud hosting to save deployment cost but increase efficiency. Can increase or decrease cloud server's computing ability without physical transition, seamlessly achieve upgrading and degrading cloud host standard.

  • Stable and reliable, and telecommunication level security

    Professional operation team 7 * 24 hours service, five-star IDC room service safeguard mechanism, remote and on-site inspection on a regular basis. Multistage data backup, system stability up to 99.95%.

Why Ctclouds managed private cloud service can control cost and improve the quality of operations?
Following industry standard, CT is responsible for physical layer and virtualization layer management (vm startup/reboot/shutdown/network troubleshooting). Customer takes responsibility for OS and subsystem level management in OS.  CT is not allowed to have login password to touch OS in backdoor,  OS  and subsystem level support are excluded.
If a file is deleted or system crash,  can I roll back from last system backup?
Can subscribe backup service to achieve the goal.  It is a value-added service  to perform regular image-level backup, because some customers perform DIY backup from application level and doesn’t need to purchase this service, thus backup is not included by default.
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