• Single Port Multi-Virtual Links

    customers can establish multiple virtual links by connecting to a single port, to connect different virtual network environment inside a cloud platform or across several different cloud platforms, to fulfil customers’ various network construction demands.

  • Global Coverage, Cross Region Connectivity

    customers can access public cloud platforms distributed in different regions by connecting to any China Telecom Cloud Exchange nodes around the world.

  • Safe and High Reliable Connection

    the port which will be separately allocated to every customer combined with leased line connection method provides network connection to cloud platforms with low-latency, high-reliability and security.

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    Flexible Bandwidth, Elastic Extension

    The customer can establish multiple virtual links on one single port and set different bandwidth to each of the virtual links based on actual demand; or adjust the bandwidth of existing virtual links due to business demand, to utilize the bandwidth of the port more efficiently.

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    Cloud-Net Fusion

    China Telecom operates the widest coverage network nodes and the most abundant transportation resources around the world. Merged with the telecom network, Cloud Exchange is established in the joint areas between these network nodes and public cloud platforms, to assist customers in acquiring cloud computing resources in different regions easier.

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    Safe and Reliable, Carrier-Class Safeguard

    China Telecom Cloud Exchange provides industry-leading SLA. All the network service nodes are based on five-star IDC telecommunications room, to provide carrier-class redundant design and safeguard with 7*24 service by carrier-class professional operation team.

How to connect to Cloud Exchange?
Cloud Exchange supports different network connection methods
1 if customers’ IT equipment are hosted in China Telecom’s IDC, they can use IDC private work to connect to Cloud Exchange;;
2 if customers’ data centers and Cloud Exchange network nodes are in same city, they can use local line to connect to Cloud Exchange;
3 if customers want to deploy across multiple regions and construct a network over these nodes, they can use MPLS VPN to connect to Cloud Exchange;
4 if customers want to enhance the network performance of accessing oversea public cloud platforms from China mainland, they can purchase China Telecom’s GIS service to connect to Cloud Exchange.
Why do we need Cloud Exchange? Can we simply use the internet to access public cloud platforms?
Since public cloud service has been adopted by more and more customers, enterprises are transferring more key business to the cloud end, and the demands of accessing public cloud are also growing rapidly. But the internet connections are unreliable and insecure, thus access enterprises’ key business directly by the internet may bring in risk to their data and bear the unreliable networks. Cloud Exchange’s lease line service provides stronger safeguard and higher reliability for customers’ cloud connections.
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